Build To Learn Club

Adding impressive Data Analysis projects to your resume just got easy

Learn Data Analysis by building unique projects with a community of ambitious peers who can help you make it happen.

To create a DANGEROUSLY good resume!

Becoming an Awesome Data Analyst doesn't have to be boring or lonely

There's a fun way to learn Data Analysis - by building something cool and interesting

UNIQUE PROJECT IDEAS that help you stand out

Stop adding those same old boring 😪 projects to your resume.

We'll give you unique project ideas that:

You'll find interesting

You won't find on everyone else's resumes

DIY GUIDES that help you learn as you build

So you don't bore yourself to death ☠️ by watching 100s of hours of video courses!

We'll help you learn as you build by

Giving just-in-time lessons 

Curating top resources on the Internet

HELPFUL COMMUNITY of passionate do-ers

We don't just drop you in a forum 😶 and call it "community".

We help you make deep connections through:

Study Partner Matching

Weekly Expert Sessions

Silent Learning Sessions

An Invite-only Slack Group

You should join the Club if you

Love exploring new projects

Value active learning, not passive watching

Crave for a community of ambitious learners

What you'll learn:

We'll help you create projects to take you from a Python Beginner to a Data Analyst.

Pandas Fundamentals

Data Cleaning in Pandas

Data Visualisation

SQL for Data Analysis

Web Scraping

Your Coaches

You are in safe hands of builders who have used interesting projects to kickstart their own careers!

Community Manager at Dataquest

Nityesh helps 100s of aspiring Data Analysts around the world get their first jobs and break into the data industry.

Cool Builder Story 👇🏽
Nityesh used his projects and articles to get his first job by cold emailing the CEO of Dataquest. No employer has ever looked at his resume - his work speaks for him.

Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Paridhi writes Python scripts and works on systems that help the 150-year old bank manage world's money.

Cool Builder Story 👇🏽
Paridhi learnt Python by building a script to analyse her Whatsap chats. Later, she impressed her recruiters from DE Shaw and Goldman Sachs by talking about this project.

Onboarding the First 50 Founding Members today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course?

No, think of this as a bootcamp. You'll learn by building cool projects guided by mentors and surrounded by peers. 

What does it cost?

If selected, you'll need to pay INR 4000 or USD 100 per year NOTHING - for the first 50 founding members of this Club.

Is this suitable for beginners?

You'll need to be familiar with Python to be successful in this Club. You are good to go, if you:

  • have ever done any project in Python, OR
  • can write conditional statements, loops and functions in Python
What's the selection process/criteria?

Fill out the onboarding form and we'll reach out to you with next steps over email.

Will you award certificates of completion?

Nope! We believe in projects, not certificates.

How long does this bootcamp run?

We'll help you build a project that you can add to your resume in 30 days.

How can I reach you if I have more questions?

Shoot us an email at!

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